I’m definitely going to miss this…

Lately I’ve been catching myself gazing at my children. I watch my son sit on the floor crossed legged and playing with his figurines, Spider-Man is always kicking over Iron Man or his army guys… he will entertain himself for over an hour, making boy noises, saying things like “I’m gonna get you….vroooooom…. spooosh…wack!” ┬áIt […]

I couldn’t believe it until I saw it….

When I started out with Younique I was White status (only made 20% on all my sales)…. well within 3 months I sold over $1,000 which then I became Yellow status (gain 5% more on my sales) and have been making that ever since. Within 5 months with just one team member, in one month […]

Zombies DO Exist!

Do your kids sleep through the night? If they do, consider yourself truly blessed! For some reason the last couple of nights/weeks our kids have been on an awful sleep schedule. This is how my night goes: 7:30-8: The girls by this point are screaming because they’re hungry and if I take all three of […]