I couldn’t believe it until I saw it….

When I started out with Younique I was White status (only made 20% on all my sales)…. well within 3 months I sold over $1,000 which then I became Yellow status (gain 5% more on my sales) and have been making that ever since. Within 5 months with just one team member, in one month we sold just over $2,000 I became Pink status and made my very first commission on my whole company sales! I’ve been pink status for almost 6 months now….and now I have over 24 people on my team. Last month, my company sold over $4,000! Which brought me up to Blue status! I couldn’t believe it! Blue status is BIG and my next big goal is GREEN! My team is full of amazing women who are leaders and achievers! I am so blessed to have them on my team! We have monthly incentives and even though it’s all done online, I have connected with them and we have grown to become a family! The best part- there’s absolutely no need to buy our products in bulk each month, we don’t have to pay for our websites…we share our experiences and products with other women and uplift each other. I have become so confident in myself and my appearance, because we embrace our Uniqueness!   We have a woman who has been with a competitive company for over 25 years (rhymes with Smary Skay) 😉  She’s excited about our products and the opportunity she saw in front of her! Our products are formulated to be as natural as possible, harmless and absolutely NO TALC. Younique is becoming widely known, now that we are open for registration in the United Kingdom, its becoming more and more exciting to be apart of this company! I cannot wait to see where my Y sisters are going to be in a month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years from now! It’s truly the best time to be Younique! AHHH!! I cannot contain myself!!! 🙂 What an awesome feeling!!!


What would you have done differently?

Lately, Dinner consists of someone crying, someone asking for more, someone falling off of a chair, someone screaming (Usually me).

I wanted a small table. One that could fit all three of my little kids for various times throughout the day, such as; breakfast, lunch, dinner and coloring time.

My brilliant idea somehow turned around and bit me in the ass.

The table is great. Perfect height and all. However, my kids play musical chairs and more annoyingly they move the table around during their eating times.

I go absolutely bonkers.





I am constantly YELLING. I fricken hate myself every time I slip “SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I mean, they’re kids. They’re messy. They’re uncontrollable- to an extent. It’s all my fault.

The next time I hear a plate/fork/sippy cup hit the floor I am going to gain another gray hair.

I want to eat as a family and the kids are all too big for a high chair. My next option:

EATING ON THE DAMN FLOOR!- it all ends up there anyhow!

Suggestions on how to make this all possible is greatly appreciated!

10 Types Of Moms That Suck

Yes. YES. YES!

Thought Catalog


I’m not sure if you knew, but I’m pretty much the best, most perfectest mom ever in the history of ever. I don’t need to tell you that’s sarcasm, right internet? Maybe? Eh. Is this satire now? I feel like I used to know what that was but I think I lost it somewhere along the way during my Wild Adventures in Blogging. People seem to have created this new, vague definition. Anyway, back to my perfection.

1. Language Police Mom

Firstly, that sounds like an awesome name for some sort of knockoff Barbie doll; you know the kind made of the same plastic they use for those KoolAid bottle-things that your cheap Aunt used to buy for you years after you’d stopped playing with dolls? Complete with police uniform, perfectly curled hair and a baby under each arm.  

Secondly, I appreciate…

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I’ve got a secret…

So lately I’ve been LOVING my 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara by Younique!

I mean, I’ve always loved this Mascara at first stroke, but honestly I’ve fallen in love all over again!

Here’s my secret:

(Starting with one eye at a time)

First, I apply the Transplanting Gel (made with Green Tea Collagen, Natural Propolis, Water, Brazilian Palm glue, black iron oxide…) I absolutely could just wear this stuff by itself as a regular every day mascara! I LOVE it! I have also noticed that my lashes look healthier and longer!

Then, I apply the Fibers (100% fibers from Dried Green Tea)….I know, AMAZING!

Lastly, I apply one more layer of the Transplanting Gel (this way the fibers stay in place and don’t fall on my face) oh, look I can rhyme!

I skipped the lash curler in the beginning because I’ve discovered the best thing ever!

Blow dry your lashes (while still wet from the gel) on very low heat. I mean, the lowest setting on the hair dryer. **WARNING** Do not use high heat!

Check out this small little clip and my results :

My 15 Second Sneak Peak


To find out more about this amazing mascara click here.


Until Next Time….

What to wear?

So, lately I’ve been thinking about this whole “how to bring up girls to respect their bodies and how to bring up a boy to respect women” thing I have to do.

I want my girls to view themselves as beautiful and not give a flying “F*#%” about what other people think they should look like and be like. I want them to respect their bodies. This is a hard subject for me, because I didn’t respect my own body. I hated what I looked like in the mirror (kind of still do, but for different reasons).  I remember thinking that I wanted to be skinny like my girlfriend, when we shopped at 5-7-9, For those who remember that store. I so badly wanted the size 0 she wore, but I had to wear my size 3, I know I wasn’t very big, but when you have tiny girlfriends (smaller than you) you get a sort of a complex. Thus wearing shirts that showed cleavage (like I had any) and baby t’s. Oh, lets not forget short skirts and cut off jeans. Hoochie mama! But why did I feel like I had to wear that in order to get the attention from the boys?

I saw the way my dad reacted towards women who had cleavage and short skirts on. I saw the way my brothers acted towards women like that. THEY ALL DROOLED!

Which now I know that wasn’t a very good example of how women should be viewed. Yes, we are all beautiful creations and God created all of us unique in our own way, but I never knew that. I didn’t know that I was beautiful.

In middle school, I compared myself to a gorgeous blonde friend of mine. Her hair was perfect, not a strand out of place. She had a tiny little body and big boobs and a pretty smile with pretty blue eyes. She was the whole package. She didn’t need to strive for attention, because she got it wherever she went. She would have pool parties at her house, I would go, feel weird in the bikini that my mom bought me from K-Mart, while she wore hers that was probably from Victoria’s Secret…because her mom would totally buy her one from there. She was a blonde bombshell in a $50 swimsuit and i was a funky brunette in a $10 swimsuit. I had some major competition. SO, how did I get the boys attention? So glad you asked!

I remember having the biggest crush on this guy. OF course he liked the blonde bombshell (who didn’t?) but I wanted him to notice me. I wanted him to see me. I wanted him to look at me the way he looked at her…

Now at 13 years old, I wasn’t fully developed, but this blonde B**** was! At least I thought she was! I barely had boobs, I played basketball and ran track, I was in pretty good condition. I remember my triangle bikini top was rather “loose”, so what did I do? Well, I did a cannon ball into the swimming pool and WHOOPS! my top came off. “If I didn’t have his attention before, I sure had it now” I remember thinking. Oh did I ever have his attention. His and the rest of the party! I remember trying to hold my small hands over my small sad excuse for boobs and swim at the same time, to the edge of the pool.

I don’t remember who retrieved my top. I do remember clearly though from that day, not being invited over ever again.

I also remember this same blonde bombshell telling me, “My mom says you only hang out with me because we have more money than your family and you use us”. WOW. Knowing what I know now, how hard my dad worked to get us out of a horrible neighborhood and into a city that was safe enough for me to walk to school. How much he provided for us that meant more than what brand of clothing I had on or what kind of car my parents drove. This little blonde b**** is lucky that I was so naive and clueless, or else she would have a mouth full of broken teeth!

And so the story goes, “beauty is only skin-deep”. Wish I knew the meaning of that then.


So how do I teach my son to respect women? How do I teach my daughters to respect their bodies?

All together now-

RESPECT myself!

I am 30 years old. I don’t have the best body in the world. I am on my good days a size 6 and on my bad days a size 8.

My boobs are saggy (thanks to my beautiful children who were breastfed) my skin is loose (having twins really did a number on me) and my butt is well, not so bouncy and tight like it use to be.

How do I find the beauty in me?

Through my children. I need to learn and accept the fact that my body is my body. There is not one body out there that is like mine. I can either take care of it the best I can OR let it get worse over time.

I need to take care of myself. I need to dress appropriately. No, I do not need to show cleavage. No I don’t need my butt hanging out of my shorts. I need to dress modestly, but I also need to have some sort of sex appeal.

I think it all comes down how my husband views me.

Yesterday, my son and I were snuggling. My husband leaned down and kissed me and ask my son, “doesn’t mommy look pretty?”  rather than me saying what I said next, “Seriously? I feel fat, I look disgusting, I have cutt of yoga pants on with holes throughout them, I have a sports bra on and a gross t-shirt” I should have said, “oh, thank you!”

Why is it so hard for me to accept that my husband thinks I’m beautiful?

This world is amazing.

The plan:

-Respect myself.

-Show thankfulness instead of doubt.

-Accept that I AM beautiful.

-Smile more often

-Laugh without covering up my teeth.

-Wear clothes that make me feel pretty, not slutty.

-be modest, but do not dress like a nun.

-Compliment women on how beautiful they are on the inside, “I love your heart” “You’re so sweet” etc…

-Show my son that beauty is only skin deep.

-Show my daughters that beauty is only skin deep. (they may have a pretty face, but deep inside they can be ugly)

My husband and I need to lead by example. We cannot just say things, we have to do those things.

Until next time…

What happens when I become Stressed…

Lately, I’ve been stressed. It’s not the kind of stress that makes me want to throw punches, but the kind of stress that I hold in and tears flow uncontrollably from my eyes.

Mainly because I am desperate. I am a believer in God and I pray, but is it enough? I mean, I talk to God while driving, while working, before bed, in the morning upon waking… Is there more I have to do? Do I have to do bible studies? Do I have to only listen to worship music?

I have a pretty good mixture of friends. Two of my friends are on total different ends of the spectrum. One friend is a Jesus Freak, worship music all day long, no swearing, “I can do all things through Him”, type of lady. My other girlfriend is a non-believer, good heart, will do anything for anyone, doesn’t look for handouts, loves nature, doesn’t care too much about praying, loves everyone type of lady. Both are good hearted people and very thoughtful. Me? I’m somewhere in between, obviously.

I will not settle for “surround yourself with like minded people” nope, not gonna do it. I think that being open minded and accepting of others is more of God and less of me. If I only hung out with like minded people, I would not have anyone to hang with, ha!!

Ok so here’s my situation:
Taxes. Husband who is stressing about the back taxes. Husband who stresses out loud. Husband who has everything on his mind that he tosses and turns throughout the night that keeps me up, who has to be with 3 beautiful children all day long, and my patience is then slim to none.

Here’s how I handle things like taxes:
Chill out. It’s not my profession to know how taxes work, should I have at least an idea? Sure. However, it’s not my thing and I’d rather find someone who could help rather than stress about it. I put it in the back of my head so I can at least get some kind of sleep and wake up fresh and new. A clear head. It’s important.

Here’s how my husband handles things like taxes:
“My life is over, this world sucks, end is near…blah!!!!!!!!!!”
“Where’s every single document we have?”
Flips out, completely disorganizes my organized file cabinet….
It’s annoying.

If I am anything, I have to stay cool, calm, and positive.

Hi. I’ve been up since 4:00am. I have no clue as to what I just wrote. Haha!

Have a great day! Until next time….