I couldn’t believe it until I saw it….

When I started out with Younique I was White status (only made 20% on all my sales)…. well within 3 months I sold over $1,000 which then I became Yellow status (gain 5% more on my sales) and have been making that ever since. Within 5 months with just one team member, in one month […]

I’ve got a secret…

So lately I’ve been LOVING my 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara by Younique! I mean, I’ve always loved this Mascara at first stroke, but honestly I’ve fallen in love all over again! Here’s my secret: (Starting with one eye at a time) First, I apply the Transplanting Gel (made with Green Tea Collagen, Natural Propolis, Water, […]

What the Whaaa?!?

Lately, I’ve been trying to get a handle on my life. Trying to find ways of getting out of debt, finding ways to start paying off student loans (which are the biggest pain in the butt!) trying to find ways to get organized, trying to learn about how to be a better wife and mom, […]

I’m feeling Frisky and Fresh…is that possible?

This is awesome! This presenter has been struggling with rosacea. She used 2 pumps on each side of her face of the face/eye primer by Younique .  She then mixed the mineral concealer/foundation (frisky & fresh) found here. I love the flawless look she achieved! If you’re anything like me I absolutely HATE the feeling […]