My kids are My kind of Normal.

It just occurred to me that so many kids that are hyper or ones that can’t sit still for longer than 5-10 minutes are considered “not normal” or they have “ADHD” or whatever. Here’s what I have to say to those parents who are told these things on a regular basis and/or at every parent¬† […]

I’m definitely going to miss this…

Lately I’ve been catching myself gazing at my children. I watch my son sit on the floor crossed legged and playing with his figurines, Spider-Man is always kicking over Iron Man or his army guys… he will entertain himself for over an hour, making boy noises, saying things like “I’m gonna get you….vroooooom…. spooosh…wack!” ¬†It […]

Salt in my coffee…

A while back while browsing Pinterest, I ended up coming across some website, about something about coffee, about something that coffee is good for, about something to add to coffee, about salt in coffee and it being quite delightful. Well, I don’t know exactly where I started with that pin, but I ended up quite […]

What the Whaaa?!?

Lately, I’ve been trying to get a handle on my life. Trying to find ways of getting out of debt, finding ways to start paying off student loans (which are the biggest pain in the butt!) trying to find ways to get organized, trying to learn about how to be a better wife and mom, […]