UGH…. Done.

Yesterday was a very interesting day. There was a debate on a close friend’s Facebook page, regarding “50 Shades of Grey”. She posted about how corrupted the book series (now movie) is, and how it goes deeper than the eye can see. I absolutely 100% agree with her. While others might argue that it’s “just a book” or “just a fictional movie”.

The truth?

I have been with a real life Christian Grey. Full of Lust. Full of violent sexual encounters, which left bruises beyond bruises (That was encouraged). Yes the encounters were consensual, but now that I am grown and know better(by the Grace of God), HOW IS A BRUISE A SIGN OF LOVE?!

It is often said that wives must submit to their husbands. While my husband is a blessing and never once has ever disrespected me, He would never make me do things against my will. He has never tried to control me or take over me. He’s gentle, caring, and damn good looking! I think a better way of saying “wives must submit to their husbands” should be, “Wives, if your husband is a gentleman, he respects you and treat you like his queen, then respect him and treat him like your king.”

I’m no saint, I’ve done things that I shouldn’t have done. Said things that I shouldn’t have said. However, I will not read any book about any “shades of grey”.

It’s a sad world that woman have to watch a movie or read a book to get turned on and have “GREAT SEX” with their spouse, boyfriend…random stranger. I use to be like that.

Here’s a list of things I’ve heard…starting at the age of 7:

“Let me do something to you that my sister taught me” (seriously, this phrase still haunts me. I WAS 7!)
“I just want someone I can be boys with and hook up with every now and then” (the old dumb me fell for that line a few times)
“No one has to know” (scary)
“Can I at least finish” (First time and I was terrified)

There’s more, but I just don’t get why women think being tied up and strangled is “healthy” and “ok” during sex?

I love romance. I love romance where two individuals love each other and care for one another, I love the passion between them. I love the respect they give each other and the desire in their eyes.

“That’s all a fantasy, real once-in-a-lifetime-happy-ever-after stories never happen”

Then no one has ever known someone or has been in that kind of love.

Time to show our children that old timers kind of love and respect. I can’t imagine my grandparents being ok with this type of book series (now movie), being out for all to enjoy. I am actually shocked by the way my own mother is a fan of these books.

It’s a form of pornography, pornography is a huge form of human trafficking…don’t believe me?

until next time…


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