I want to bottle this up…

I don’t ever want to forget the cute little giggles, the dimples, the kissable cheeks, the squeals, the way he says, “momma” the way they say, “no” and stomp their foot. I don’t want to forget how adorably cute they are right now. I don’t want to forget the look in their eyes when they’re getting into something they’re not suppose to. I don’t ever want to forget the way they say “Momma, snuggle” or “Momma, I hold jew” …. I want to bottle up these little moments and replay them over and over and over again. Why is it so hard to accept that they’re one day going to be my age and I’ll be as old as my parents?  I want my babies to slow down, but I also want them to be little and grow..

I was cleaning up the mess in my son’s room, toys that once were in pristine condition. They were once organized and all of the puzzle pieces were together. Ahhh, it was so beautiful at one time….when they were right of the box. He received mini stick hockey nets for his birthday, now it’s just plastic piping and a net in the corner all balled up. The microphone that he use to sing “let it go” every day for at least a week is now just a microphone, without the stand. His tool bench with all the tools and the annoying plastic screws that go along with it, is strewn about his floor (there’s probably some still under his dresser, but I wasn’t that ambitious to get it all cleaned up tonight). A MESS, A PIG STY… it was horrendous. What was once beautiful was now ruined, lost, misplaced, gone forever.

Then, I saw something that was beyond beautiful, Army guys trapped in a web, plastic tubing that was used as a sword, screws that were placed in the pretend engine (a little out of place and definitely not in properly)… what I realized is the imagination that my son has. Something that I cannot teach him, most days he’s either the Incredible Hulk or a Ninja Turtle. He’s jumping and flying off of my couch, he’s picking up his Star Wars figurines and making boy noises. He’s playing football and tackling his imaginary friends. He’s creating a space full of adventure and entertainment. He’s being a little kid. Have I failed at teaching him to properly care for his things? Perhaps. Have I failed at teaching him to put back one toy before taking out the next? Definitely. I just think that I can teach him little by little, but I definitely do not want to take away his imagination. So what if his hockey nets are in pieces because he figured out how to take it apart? He learned something, how to take it apart! So what if his microphone stand is in pieces? He uses those pieces as multiple swords to fight off the bad guys. SO what if I cleaned up his mess? He’s only little for so long.

This goes for my girls too. I am amazed by how tender CC is with her dollies and stuffed animals. She holds them and “feeds” them and kisses them. So motherly. Evie, she’s so feisty and some days she’s taking her brother’s cars and making them go “vroom vroom” down the hallway. Their imaginations are just beginning and I do not want to stop them. I let my girls play in the dirt, because thats exactly what I did. I let them pick up rocks and throw them, because why not? They’re exploring and feeling different textures. Not to mention that the nutrients in the dirt is probably helping boost their immune systems.

“Let your kids PLAY. Turn off the tv. Put down your phone. Take mental pictures and PLAY with your kids.”

This is something I have to keep reminding myself, daily.

Until next time…


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