Finding beauty through pimples…

I have recently had a hormonal break out on my face. Ok, maybe it is from stress… well anyway, I have this huge, massive, ginormous pimple on my cheek. I ended up popping it, because I could no longer take the gross white head that was surfacing. I ended up having to put a bandaid on top of it, because it was so yucky and I made up some honey with clove, allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg to place on top of it to dry it up.

My sweet little innocent 3 year old said, “Momma, what is that on your face?”

I replied, “Oh, it’s a pimple. One day you’ll get them too…”

AND THEN my mother chimed in:

“Hopefully you don’t, pimples are ugly. Nana gets them still”

Thanks mom. Thank you for teaching my son that pimples are ugly. UGH.

So quickly, I had to cover up her mistake (The one she clearly had no idea of it being a mistake, because by my standards and upbringing of my child, we do not use the words: Ugly, Stupid, Hate)

(Looking very softly into my sons eyes) “Sweetie, pimples aren’t ugly. It doesn’t make a person ugly. Pimples are pimples, everyone gets them and they eventually go away. People are still beautiful even with pimples, don’t ever forget that!”

I had such a complex growing up. I had a lot of blackheads on my nose, since the age of 4. YES, 4. Guess who use to draw them out and squeeze the living day lights out of my poor little (big) nose… my mother. I had pimples on my forehead for God knows how long throughout middle school and high school. I washed my face all the time and still broke out. I felt so ugly. It took me 10 years until I realized that I was so worried about my appearance, because my mom made me feel that way.

I love you, mom… this isn’t an attack on you. Because you probably didn’t know you were doing it and because it’s just probably something that you went through too….

Anyway, I want to teach my children that we all aren’t perfect. We all have blemishes, whether they are visible or unseen (within ourselves). I want them to accept someone and picture that person as a beautiful person that God created. God created them and that’s why they’re so beautiful. I want my children to look beyond pimples and surfaces…I want them to look deeper. Deeper within themselves and others. I don’t want them to one day wake up, look in the mirror and ball their eyes out because they have so many pimples on their face. I want them to know that their skin isn’t what beauty is, it’s much deeper.

After all, beauty is only skin deep.


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