I couldn’t believe it until I saw it….

When I started out with Younique I was White status (only made 20% on all my sales)…. well within 3 months I sold over $1,000 which then I became Yellow status (gain 5% more on my sales) and have been making that ever since. Within 5 months with just one team member, in one month we sold just over $2,000 I became Pink status and made my very first commission on my whole company sales! I’ve been pink status for almost 6 months now….and now I have over 24 people on my team. Last month, my company sold over $4,000! Which brought me up to Blue status! I couldn’t believe it! Blue status is BIG and my next big goal is GREEN! My team is full of amazing women who are leaders and achievers! I am so blessed to have them on my team! We have monthly incentives and even though it’s all done online, I have connected with them and we have grown to become a family! The best part- there’s absolutely no need to buy our products in bulk each month, we don’t have to pay for our websites…we share our experiences and products with other women and uplift each other. I have become so confident in myself and my appearance, because we embrace our Uniqueness!   We have a woman who has been with a competitive company for over 25 years (rhymes with Smary Skay) 😉  She’s excited about our products and the opportunity she saw in front of her! Our products are formulated to be as natural as possible, harmless and absolutely NO TALC. Younique is becoming widely known, now that we are open for registration in the United Kingdom, its becoming more and more exciting to be apart of this company! I cannot wait to see where my Y sisters are going to be in a month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years from now! It’s truly the best time to be Younique! AHHH!! I cannot contain myself!!! 🙂 What an awesome feeling!!!


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