What would you have done differently?

Lately, Dinner consists of someone crying, someone asking for more, someone falling off of a chair, someone screaming (Usually me).

I wanted a small table. One that could fit all three of my little kids for various times throughout the day, such as; breakfast, lunch, dinner and coloring time.

My brilliant idea somehow turned around and bit me in the ass.

The table is great. Perfect height and all. However, my kids play musical chairs and more annoyingly they move the table around during their eating times.

I go absolutely bonkers.





I am constantly YELLING. I fricken hate myself every time I slip “SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I mean, they’re kids. They’re messy. They’re uncontrollable- to an extent. It’s all my fault.

The next time I hear a plate/fork/sippy cup hit the floor I am going to gain another gray hair.

I want to eat as a family and the kids are all too big for a high chair. My next option:

EATING ON THE DAMN FLOOR!- it all ends up there anyhow!

Suggestions on how to make this all possible is greatly appreciated!


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