I’ve got a secret…

So lately I’ve been LOVING my 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara by Younique!

I mean, I’ve always loved this Mascara at first stroke, but honestly I’ve fallen in love all over again!

Here’s my secret:

(Starting with one eye at a time)

First, I apply the Transplanting Gel (made with Green Tea Collagen, Natural Propolis, Water, Brazilian Palm glue, black iron oxide…) I absolutely could just wear this stuff by itself as a regular every day mascara! I LOVE it! I have also noticed that my lashes look healthier and longer!

Then, I apply the Fibers (100% fibers from Dried Green Tea)….I know, AMAZING!

Lastly, I apply one more layer of the Transplanting Gel (this way the fibers stay in place and don’t fall on my face) oh, look I can rhyme!

I skipped the lash curler in the beginning because I’ve discovered the best thing ever!

Blow dry your lashes (while still wet from the gel) on very low heat. I mean, the lowest setting on the hair dryer. **WARNING** Do not use high heat!

Check out this small little clip and my results :

My 15 Second Sneak Peak


To find out more about this amazing mascara click here.


Until Next Time….


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