A hot minute….


Hey I have been on a hiatus for about….6 months! ha!

There has been quite a few things happening around here in my life that has kept me extremely busy. For one, my daughters are now one and half. They like to do everything my 3 year old son didn’t do when he was their age. For instance; climbing. Climbing on EVERYTHING. The couch, the beds, the rocking chair, the foot stools, the toilet, the slide (not that big of a deal, but my son never did that). They are also talking, a lot. In fact, they are starting to tell on my son.  Oh, and my son has formed a new defense tactic-biting.

Back to my daughters fighting and telling on their big bro.

The other day, while I was in the kitchen fixing dinner, I heard coming from the living room, Thomas: “NO SISSY, THATS MINE! AHHHHH”. Silence. Evelyn: “OWWIIIEEE BITE”.

Immediately, I ran to the living room, ask my son, “Did you bite your sister?” and he said, “yes” with a very sad face. That was the first time Evelyn has ever told on him. He’s in trouble now, while I’m sure she was trying to rip something from his hands, that was only going to be thrown on the ground, he needs to learn its not ok to bite.

My house is a zoo.

More like a circus.

I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 basement cat, and occasionally my brother-in-laws girlfriend’s dog. When left alone, I am out numbered 7-1. The kids I can handle, my dogs..my one dog (my dog) is calm and just lays by my feet. My other dog (my husband’s dog) whines ALL. DAY. LONG. She’s a hound dog, basset hound to be exact. The basement cat, he’s cool, he lives with my brother in law (who is in our basement) I usually will let him up stairs, but he bites my kids, not hard, but enough for me to say, “That’s enough, back downstairs”. This is for his safety, my kids are crazy. I’m sure he just gets annoyed and that’s his way of telling them to “back off”. My brother-in-laws girlfriend’s dog, he’s a sweet dog, I don’t mind him- when they’re here. However, as soon as they leave to go do things like, a date, softball games, going to get food…etc. He whines, constantly.

So there I am.. sitting on the couch. I have one kid climbing up on to the foot stool and jumping on to the couch, one kid crying because I repossessed my phone that was missing for the last half hour, and another kid asking for a snack. A dog whining in the kitchen for only God knows what, a dog whining to run away to find his mommy, that will probably be back in an hour or so, and a cat at the top of the stairs meowing. How have I kept it cool? Good question!

While I may complain about the noise, really my kids are sweet. My animals are not vicious. I have a wonderful house with a big backyard (that I need to cut the grass) I do that too on occasion.

Most of the time I drink a pot of coffee.

I’ve noticed that I weigh 130 now, not the weight I’m comfortable with, especially when I was nursing the girls I weighed 117-120. Time to work out? Sure, I think I have the time. Motivation? Very slim. My business? Yes, I still am working at it and I will make it successful. My job? I am able to go to work for 2-3 hours a day (to mainly escape the madness).

With all of the things that may drive me crazy, I am so grateful. I am grateful that God blessed me with a beautiful family. I am grateful that my patience is growing and I’m able to tolerate certain things that use to drive me crazy (Like a terrible messy house). I am grateful for all the love that is in my house, the laughter and the crying. I am truly grateful.




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