5 helpful Tips on how to potty train your toddler!

Every now and then I come across books, articles, Pintrest posts etc, that say “3 easy ways to potty train your kid” or “Potty train in 4 days”…. I’ve read them all, I’ve tried them all. The truth is: EVERY SINGLE CHILD IS DIFFERENT.

I tried the sticker chart- good for the first day.

I tried the rewarding with candy- good for a minute, which caused my child to “fake” going potty to get candy.

I tried the “Go potty and I’ll get you _______(Fill in the blank with an outrageous toy that they’ll play with once)

While every child is different, us parents must be mindful of this.


So here are my 5 “tips” that may or may not work for you, but surely it will give you a different perspective:

1.) CHILL OUT. Your child will eventually go potty.

2.) STOP. If they’re not interested right now, they’re not interested. If your child is 4 years old and still refuses to go on the potty then that’s when I would personally try to make them go every 30 minutes.

3.) MAKE IT FUN. I know this sounds gross, but kids love gross. When you go Poop, say “LOOK! My poop looks like____ (a dog, a funny face, the incredible haulk!…) something that will make your kid laugh and want to poop in the potty and make up their own lookalike poop. Lets face it, everyone poops and we all look at it!

4.) CELEBRATE! Jump up and down and celebrate that 1st, 20th, 100th time that they go pee on the potty! (Trust me, my son has been going on the potty for a while now, and he still looks for that excitement, “I DID IT, I DID IT”)

5.) FORGIVE. Accidents happen. Your kid is going to pee the bed, pee on the floor, pee their pants, pee when you’re out shopping or at a restaurant and totally miss only to pee on your shoes. It’s going to happen. “It’s ok honey, its not a big deal! Accidents happen” and move on. Do not show them disappointment, or else they’ll be scared and confused (unless that motivates your kid, for me it does not)

These are only from my experience. It may be entirely different for my twin daughters, but for now having that mentality has help me and my son. It’s not about whether or not your kid is ready. Are you ready? Prepare yourself before you take that leap. Good Luck Mom & Dad!




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