Watch where you’re aiming!!!!!

My son T has been potty training, well, himself. I introduced the potty a year ago when his sisters came home from the hospital, I never pushed it. One day, I asked “hey you want to go on the potty today?!?” And it has took off from there. He started out by sitting on the toilet, it’s been over a month now and he stands. Oh I know, it sounds easy and really it is. Only… Well when he pees it’s like a little laser, it’s uncontrollable. I have asked my husband to teach T how guys hold their “stuff” while peeing. He’s learning and it takes a man to teach a boy how to do stuff like a man, right?

Well, the other day while T was standing and peeing, I made sure he was doing it by aiming into the potty, he did fairly well… Most of the pee made it into the toilet! But then I noticed something oddly familiar, after he was done peeing, he “shaked” and then proceeded to spit into the toilet…Just like my husband! Ha!

I asked him, “T, why did you just spit into the potty?”
In which he replied, “Daddy told me!”

Uh huh. So I then asked my husband, “have you seen your son peeing into the toilet yet? He looks just like you!”

My husband laughed and said, “I didn’t tell him to do that!”
I told him that his son already sold him out.

It’s funny, when we don’t think they’re looking… They see everything.

So, yes. My husband confessed, T asked him one day, why he did that.

Now, T does that. It’s pretty cute, I’m not going to lie. 🙂


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