What the Whaaa?!?

Lately, I’ve been trying to get a handle on my life. Trying to find ways of getting out of debt, finding ways to start paying off student loans (which are the biggest pain in the butt!) trying to find ways to get organized, trying to learn about how to be a better wife and mom, how to be a better listener, how to be a better friend, how to eat better… The list goes on and on.

I feel like I have a check list with a ton of things, which have yet to be crossed off or “checked”

First thing on this list:

Learning to be a better wife. What I mean is that I am actually starting to read books about how to be the wife or woman of my husbands dreams. It’s not happening over night, I can tell you that! However, I can tell you that it’s changing my heart to be the best that I can be.

It pains me to say this, but I have found that being a submissive wife, actually gives me more love and attention.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband in no way is forceful or abusive, he doesn’t make me do things that I don’t want to do or anything like that, I’m not a dog for crying out loud!

Rather, it’s me actually having to remind myself that he is a man. To let him be a man. He can make decisions all on his own, he doesn’t need me nagging him on how to make breakfast for the family, or how to dress our kids. All he needs is for me to say “Thank You”. Granted, this has been the most challenging for me. I am a huge control freak and it’s so bad, especially when he’s driving. It’s a fault of mine, but I have a tendency to say, “be careful, slow down!!!” Now, I have no idea why I am like this, but I know it’s super annoying and it makes my husband think “do you not trust me?!?”. It’s a fault of mine like I said, I need to work on shutting up and trusting that he would never do anything to put our lives in danger.

Second on my list: Learn to be a better mom.
A lot of people tell me that I’m a good mom. I just don’t feel like it all the time. I feel like I can do more. It’s a learning process for sure, but I think once I start respecting my husband more, the babies will grow up seeing that, and I want to set a good example.. This area just like being the best wife will always need work.

Third: Getting out of debt.
We need help. I need to learn to prioritize bills, organize our bank account… It’s a pain. What is a budget? Working on it…

The Plan:

My goal is to be able to work from home, eventually. I am a massage therapist and a business owner. I love both jobs and while right now I work both at home and away, my goal is to be a stay at home/working from home mom. I am well on my way too! Not only have I been able to pay the bills, but I have been able to combine my income with my husbands and it feels great to put good food on the table (meaning, no process, just organic and healthy!) which, can become quite costly…Younique has begun to change our lives. It takes effort, but it also takes willingness to change for the better!

A new year, a change in the right direction.

Until next time…


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