Ham, poke, Popsicle

It’s the first time using my ipad to write a blog post. Oh hey, yeah… I’ve been on a hiatus. Soo much goodness going on, haven’t had time to sit and blog, which is a good thing. Trust me 😉

We had to take the girls to their doctors appointment today, we had to bring Thomas(2.5) with us. It went fairly well. I didn’t realize what a ham our son is, but as soon as the nurse took us back to the room the questions began:

Thomas: “you the doctor?”
Nurse: “no, but I am the nurse.”
Thomas: “oh, you da nurse?”
Nurse: “yes, who are you?”
Thomas: “I’m Thomas. (Points to sisters) “that’s my sissies!” (Points to Chris) “Thats my daddy!” (Points to me) “That’s my mommy!”
Nurse: “how old are you?”
Thomas: (holds up two fingers)
Nurse: “how old are sissies?”
Thomas: “uhhhh one!”

He just held up a conversation like that for about 10 minutes. The girls needed their shots today, Thomas wanted to get a shot too. I told him if he was good during his shot, he could get a Popsicle if he asked the nurse.
The girls did really well with their shot, cried a little, but it didn’t last long. Then, it was Thomas’ turn… Now, I don’t know many kids who are excited about getting shots, but for some reason, Thomas was all fired up about it (probably the possibility of getting that Popsicle). Well, he stood up and let me lay him down on the table. He looked confused as I held his arms down and the nurse had his legs pinned. (I Felt horrible at that point)

one, two, three…poke!

Thomas, sat up with no tears and said to the nurse, “I want a Popsicle”

Of course the nurse said, “ok”.

Our nurse was running around like crazy, they even had to move us into the room across the hall, so that way they could have the exam room open.

Oh, did I mention that the girls were perfect the whole time on Chris’ lap while Thomas was getting his shot? So not true, but we’re a circus act wherever we go, so he was great at juggling them.

Anyway, when the nurse returned to the room we were moved to, minus the Popsicle. The look on Thomas’ face was priceless. Then, the most dreadful rude thing that every respectable mother fears happened. My cute little two year old ham said, “uhhhh, nurse…where my Popsicle?!?”

Poor nurse felt so bad. “Oh my goodness, your Popsicle!”
She ran out and returned with the Popsicle. Thomas ate one bite, dropped the rest. Thankfully, the nurse didn’t witness that. I already felt horrible with all the running around she was doing…

I guess I shouldn’t have let Thomas get a Popsicle after he was rude and asked in such a way, but the boy was being good otherwise, and he went potty on the toilet while we were there (and made sure to tell the lady waiting outside the bathroom, “I did it!!!”)
Pick and choose our battles, plus I only had one hand free.

It was a crazy visit, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My kids are pure joy and make my day every day! I am so blessed to be there mommy!

Until next time….



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