A Beginner’s Level Tutorial

Since starting this “Younique” adventure, I have ran into a lot of women who tell me, “I need a makeover! Please show me how to put on makeup…”

My response (in my head)….”I don’t know how to put makeup on you, I only know how to put makeup on me”.

So I wanted to give you all a step by step Picture Tutorial for an every day look, easy to do and even though these pictures may seem like it takes a long time, it doesn’t. Trust me! πŸ™‚Image

First: Apply our “Glorious” face and eye primer all over your…. Face and Eyes. (Primer creates a smooth and even surface)Image

A small amount about the tip of my finger goes a long way!

Then: Apply our Multitasking bb cream “BB Flawless” all over your face. Again, a small amount goes a long way!Image

Next step:

Apply our mineral powder concealer (side note: this may seem like a lot, but since it’s minerals you will absolutely feel like you don’t have enough on, ITS THAT LIGHT!) πŸ™‚

Tap a small amount into the lid:Image

Swish your Powder Puff brush around in the lid: (tap out extra into the lid)Image

Apply in gentle swirls from the middle of your face outward to your hairline:Image

Enough with the face-we’ll come back to that in a minute!

Onto Eyes:

I like to apply “Innocent” first to my entire lid, its a great base color! Creamy Vanilla color πŸ™‚


Tap excess off brush.

With a Pressing motion, not sweeping apply to entire lid.


**I Also like to apply this pigment to the tips of my lashes, just so the mascara in moment will show even more!Image

Next: The Crease

I like to use our “Infatuated” brown color. With the Crease brush, dab pigment into the brush tip.Image

Apply to crease and a little above crease:Image


Then: I take my trusty finger and blend the crap out of it πŸ™‚


I then take my trusty finger Again, and dip it into a little “Sexy” its my favorite highlight πŸ™‚ I apply it to the brow bone and the inner corner of my eye for just a little “Pop”Image

Next use to be my most hated task (Eyeliner) THAT is until I found that Youniques liner/shader brush is fool proof!

First I squirt just a smidgen of our rosewater “Refreshed” into the lid that has my favorite liner color pigment “Corrupted”

When mixed it creates this creamy, smooth texture that makes applying it THAT much easier!



I apply it to my upper and lower lash/water line. I like this technique because I don’t like to “Look” like I have a ton of eyeliner on.


Then to top off these eyes, I will be applying our #1 Selling “3D Fiber Lashes”.Image

It applies like mascara, so don’t worry! If I can do it, so can you!

First Apply the “Transplanting Gel” goes on like mascara, looks like mascara.


Then on that same eye immediately afterwards, apply the 100% Green Tea Fibers:ImageImage


Fibers will fall onto your cheeks, because…well, they’re fibers! But have no fear! Your trusty q-tip will save the day!


After the fibers, you can go ahead and seal those fibers onto your lashes by applying a top coat of the gel:Image

(This way, you will not have to worry about them falling off your lashes and onto your face)


Ok, So I normally don’t like to wear blush, but I have found that when I mix a little of our “Sweet” blusher with a little “Sexy” eye pigment, it creates this nice subtle glow! With our Blusher Brush, I then apply a light amount to the apples of my cheeks!



Almost Done!

Our Lucrative Lip Gloss, its smooth, its creamy, its non-sticky, its tasteless and it even conditions lips!!

I LOVE “Loyal” its clear with a little shimmerImageImage

I could just say “DONE” at this point, but I wanted to add a little color to my lips, SO I took out good ol’ eye pigment “Vulnerable” and patted just a tad on top of “Loyal”ImagePretty Huh?


Ok, so now…Drum Roll, Please!

I am D.O.N.E!


Easy, right?

To get this look check out my website

You will see all of our absolutely incredibly easy to apply products!

If you too like to play with makeup and want to earn extra $$ this holiday season, feel free to shoot me an email!

Until next time…


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