What a Busy and Eventful Month so Far!

Ok, so it has been super duper crazy around here, but it’s been also an amazing month thus far!

For some reason, mine and Chris’s family members (brothers and sister) like to get busy around December/January/February and have babies in the months of August/September/October. Well, besides my brother Scott and his wife Lisa, they must’ve gotten busy around April/May..My twin nieces were born at 25 weeks gestation-let me stop you right there, twins do not run in our family, they DO however run on my sister-in-laws side, strong actually. Her mom is a fraternal twin and my SIL cousin also had fraternal boys. Now that we got that straight… My twin nieces were the first to be born (biologically) and turn 10 years old, today! Healthy preemies that came a LONG way! Anyway, since then we have added to the family and with the exclusion of my niece born in July and my eldest nephews born in Feb & June…we have 8 birthdays (almost every weekend starting from August 31st-October 19th!) crazy!

Besides birthdays, I have been busy chasing after my ever-growing-too-fast 9 month twin daughters who have decided in the last 2 weeks that they’re toddlers and want to crawl and get into everything. My actual toddler, who is the best big brother, a little stinker at times, but very affectionate and tender…who also gets into everything especially when I’m not looking, keeping me extremely anxious and on my toes at all times. With my BOOMING business, I have managed to put on 2 fundraisers that both have exceeded my expectations. I have failed at keeping up with the laundry, but I have accomplished dinner (healthy at that) every day of the week (with the exception of birthday parties). I am pretty proud of myself for everything I have done in the last couple of weeks!

TO expand on my fundraisers…the first one I did was very successful! My beautiful friend Tracy hosted an online party and I pledged to donate 100% of the proceeds to RESOLVE. RESOLVE is an organization that helps and supports couples that suffer with infertility, couples like my friend Tracy and her husband. Together the party drew in a lot of sales and I was able to donate $132 dollars to RESOLVE! I was super excited to be able to do that! I am hopeful for Tracy and her husband, and I look forward to the day that I get to witness them as a mother and a father! You can follow there Journey here.

The other fundraiser I did was in honor of breast cancer awareness month. I wanted to hold a fund raiser that I could donate again 100% of the proceeds to a special organization. In which, I chose Jill’s Wish. Jill Conley, a breast cancer survivor (who now has terminal bone cancer..) set up this organization to help families and loved ones going through cancer. I did this party alone (well, I  put it in my mom’s name) with some awesome orders, I was able to donate $96.00 to Jill’s Wish! ALSO, I selected a special friend of mine (a breast cancer survivor as well) to receive the hostess rewards! She was thrilled when I told her!

Something about doing something good, feels good. 🙂

I want my business and team to be known for doing good, rather than reaping all the rewards.  So starting next month, I have this project in mind. Its in the works… Each month, I am going to be selecting an active duty female serving in the US Military, to be sponsored. With every order in the month 5% will go towards a selected Collection from our product line. Being a veteran myself, I want to give back to our female troops. It’s hard enough being a female in the military, and I want to uplift and empower women just like our mission statement! It’s going to be rad, when I can send them our beautiful products all wrapped up in purple Younique tissue paper!

Well Today is a great day and I’m so blessed to be able to do so much! God has made me a multitasker and I am grateful even when I find myself doubtful! I always remind myself… “The best way to it, is through it”

BEFORE I LEAVE…I know, I know… I shouldn’t say the “C” word, but Christmas is just around the corner! Less than 10 weeks away! I would love to special gift wrap our products for you to give to your special someone… Check out just a few of our “Must Haves”! Just an idea…


Until next time…


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