I don’t even want to say it…..

Yesterday, my husband’s Aunt and Uncle stopped by to visit our children, I mean lets get real here, the only reason why people visit these days, isn’t to see Us, it’s to see our beautiful children! It was really good to see them though! They live in Florida and we don’t ever get to see them. We love them very much too! 

I’ve mentioned before how much of a smart-ass our son is, and now I can see it’s a trait that is passed down between generations. It comes so naturally to the men on my husband’s side. I love it. I love good sense of humors, it’s a great characteristic to have!

During the visit, Thomas at first was quiet and shy. He usually takes it all in before he can be himself. Once the initial “shy guy” approach was done and over with, he became his usual mischievous self. He kept asking me if he could watch “Scooby Doo” on TV. I repeated myself over and over, “Thomas, we have company. We do not watch TV or play on the Ipad or play on the Kindle or play on mommy’s phone, when we have guests in our house!”. Seeing how far he could go, he ran over to the TV and said, “I turn on” in which I replied a non serious threat of timeout. He didn’t listen and didn’t take me serious about the timeout, so on went the TV. I had the controller handy so I just hit the power button. Thomas than turned towards us, put his tiny little hands on the side of his face, palms facing out, and curled his little fingers. Then he let out this loud “ROOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR”. Chris’ uncle, “Thomas, are you a dog or something?” Thomas: “No, I’m a IONNN (minus the “L”) ROOOOARRR”. It was much cuter in person and the way he handled me turning the TV back off was priceless. 

After Chris got home last night, we met up with my sister and brother in law. My nephew (Thomas’ favorite) and my niece. As well as our Aunt and Uncle. We went to an Irish restaurant. It was our very first time taking the 5 of us out to anywhere public that included food. Well, a sit down setting. I was nervous, but I have the most wonderful sister-in-law and she insisted I left one of the girls next to her and to go sit down and be social with everyone. I LOVE YOU, MICHELLE! The girls behaved, as Thomas did so too. I was very pleased with their behaviors. I am afraid to even say that because I fear that we won’t be so lucky next time.

Thomas shed a tear when we had to leave, he loves all of his cousins so much and has so much fun being silly and laughing. Breaks my heart. He cried as we were walking to the car, “I’m saaaaddd, I don’t want to go” “wahhhhhhhh”….. yeah, it’s time for bed.

 We pulled into the drive way, both girls were asleep. Thomas, wide awake. Took them all inside and the girls woke up. Of course. So I had to nurse them both and change their crib sheets (C.C. peed when Chris was changing her diaper and Evie threw up all over hers). It took what seemed like forever to get Evie to sleep, but Chris has a way of calming her and within two minutes of him rubbing her back, she was out like a light…

We had a wonderful thunderstorm, that woke me up at 0300. I frantically ran to the girls room (Typically, I would have been up by this time anyway, because the girls NEVER sleep more than 4 hours at a time). But…nope I can’t say it, I won’t say. I don’t even want to think about what I was going to write next. Lets just say, it was a good night for everyone and I might have woken up a few times to check to see if everyone was OK.

Time to play with my new BB Cream and Lip glosses, before the kids get up.

Check them out here

Have a Blessed Day!

Until next time… 


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