What day is it?!?

I have been very sleep deprived these last couple of days (weeks). The girls have been waking up all throughout the night. Crying…Screaming…Whining. Its been terrible. Their gums are so white and swollen, I am assuming that their teeth are coming in. Its been not-so-fun. All in all though, I am still nursing both girls and I do enjoy the time I nurse them, I just wish it was more during the day, and not so much during the night. Do I sound like I’m whining now?

Last week I bought Thomas “Grow with me” inline skates. He LOVES hockey! I don’t know if its because of his older cousin (probably is) or his daddy (quite possibly). I bought him the knee pads, elbow pads, hand guards and he already had a helmet.  I dressed him up and it took me a minute to really realize that my baby boy is growing up TOO FAST. A year and a half ago, he wasn’t even saying 3 words. Now its full sentences, bad words (repeated after daddy….ok maybe a word or two from me) and jokes. This kid has JOKES. He is such a smart-ass. I do love it though. He’s definitely a great lil product of my husband and I. I would tell stories right now, but my brain hurts. I am too tired and this post probably doesn’t make too much sense and its probably not interesting… 


Until next time….




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