I am sitting here, DEVOURING a bag of Tostitos- the Cantina kind, thin & crispy. Why? Because I am, because it was looking better than the bag of carrots in the fridge! Ugh. I do this to myself. I want to live a more ORGANIC and HEALTHY life, which for the most part I do. Today, however…not so much. I will though admit, I am eating it with the avocado and plain greek yogurt mix I made! Somewhat healthy, right?

The kids are all napping (WOOO HOOO!!!) and I should be too, but I decided I needed to update this lovely blog o’ mine 🙂 

I don’t have much to update. My girls are officially putting their toes in their mouths! Big step! Since they’re going to be 8 months! (Typically 8 month olds are sitting up by now, but my babes are preemies and they can take as long as they want to!) I also started incorperating solids with their breastmilk diets and let me tell you, when all three kids decide its time to poop, we really should evacuate the entire house! PHEW!!

Well this bag of Tostitos is almost gone and I am pretty sure I’m going to have to clean my keyboard of crumbs I probably just transferred to it with my grubby fingers!

Have a Blessed one!


Until next time…


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