So about this blog that I have been meaning to keep up with…..

HAHA! I have been Extremely tired, due to the last week. Which consisted of the following:

  1. My son decided that he likes to play with play doh! In fact, he created his own sculpture…WITH HIS OWN FECES! Ugh….I happened to glance over at him while I was feeding his sister and he had a hand full of his own crap and to top it off, a huge chunk of it on his lips!! He calmly looked at me like, “Do I have something on my face?”
  2. Both Girls are Teething. OH JOY!
  3. My dog has decided she likes to get into everything, especially the recycling bin. I don’t know what it is, but she insists on taking out every single empty box and putting a lovely display across the backyard. My neighbor probably thinks we’re so “trashy”.
  4. I had to get ready for my very first in home party! YAY! It was a success! I had so much fun putting together the beautiful display and I even bought some flashy LED lights to hold the makeup brushes! I was so STOKED!

SO there ya have it, I have had my hands full, kind of like my son. 


Until next time……..


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