Funny thing is…

I started this blog just a few days ago. I was up, ready for the day. I thought it was clever to title it “Before I Put on MY Makeup…before the kids get up”. I had this idea in my head that most days, if not all days I will get up, write a short story or memory and be done. Then I would go about my usual mom duties; nursing babies, making breakfast, cleaning the dishes in the sink left over from the night before…

Today however, that is not the outcome of this morning.

I was suppose to wake up and be to work by 9 am. My alarm went off per usual at 7:57am. I hit the snooze button and then it went off again at 8:00am. Next thing I know, I woke up- looked at the clock. It read “9:15”. Ugh. I must have turned that darn alarm off!

Thinking “man, my first client was at 9! This is going to suck!” Then I remembered, my 9:00 wasn’t back from the hospital yet. So I was going to go BACK to sleep, but then I heard little foot steps and “Morning Mama!” If my phone alarm wasn’t going to get me up, my real life one would. “Mama, waffles. Come on!” So I slowly made my way out of the bed, into the kitchen, put a horrible not-good-for-you waffle into the toaster, and filled my coffee pot and proceeded to do my motherly duties of the morning.  Then, I got dressed and made it work by 10!


I didn’t even put on my makeup.

Coffee, anyone?


until next time…



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