Last night something told me to go into my daughter’s room to check on them. Evelyn was passed out, binkie hanging half-way out of her mouth and all. I look over to Caelynn, she’s face down. Like her FACE was PRESSED into the mattress! I immediately freaked and thought the worse. Let me stop you from thinking the worse…She’s fine. Anyway, I threw her onto her back, startled the CRAP out of her and she started balling. So Once I got her calmed down, I put her “Back” to sleep and she suddenly rolled over, which would be fine, but she then smashed her face into the mattress, I watched her to see what she would do. THE CHILD just kept her face in that position! SERIOUSLY!?! So She reverted back to her early month days. In the rock-n-play she went! Yep! She slept in my room so I could get some sleep. I mean, these days, I WILL do ANYTHING to have some sort of sleep!

Until next time… 


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