I am sitting here, DEVOURING a bag of Tostitos- the Cantina kind, thin & crispy. Why? Because I am, because it was looking better than the bag of carrots in the fridge! Ugh. I do this to myself. I want to live a more ORGANIC and HEALTHY life, which for the most part I do. […]

So about this blog that I have been meaning to keep up with…..

HAHA! I have been Extremely tired, due to the last week. Which consisted of the following: My son decided that he likes to play with play doh! In fact, he created his own sculpture…WITH HIS OWN FECES! Ugh….I happened to glance over at him while I was feeding his sister and he had a hand […]

Don’t get me started!

Well, today I am actually up before everyone else! Yay!  At work yesterday (for me I only worked  an hour) anyway, at work while massaging my patient. We were also watching TV it was a LMN movie. Those always suck you right in, don’t they?(and yes….I watch TV with my patients! My job is so […]