Zombies DO Exist!

Do your kids sleep through the night? If they do, consider yourself truly blessed! For some reason the last couple of nights/weeks our kids have been on an awful sleep schedule. This is how my night goes:

7:30-8: The girls by this point are screaming because they’re hungry and if I take all three of them outside, Thomas joins in with the screaming because he doesn’t want to come inside.

8-8:30: Get the girls in their Jammies, feed them, lay them down to go to sleep. Caelynn usually zonks out right away. Evelyn, she’s more of a “rock me to sleep” baby.

8:30-10: Hang out with Thomas and get him in his pjs.

10-11: Put Thomas to bed. (Thomas gets up and start running down the hallway) Put Thomas to bed. (Thomas gets up and starts running UP and Down the hallway). Put Thomas to bed. (Thomas gets up, Daddy is home, Starts running….towards Daddy)

11-Thomas FINALLY falls asleep.-in our bed!

Midnight: Evelyn wakes up terribly hungry. Caelynn, zonked out.

0300- Evelyn wakes up terribly hungry.

0400- Thomas falls out of bed, crying. Then joins us in ours.

0500-Caelynn wakes up terribly hungry. Evelyn hears Caelynn, so she decides to wake up, I give her a binkie and she’s back to sleep.

0700- Evelyn is terribly hungry, but isn’t crying-yet. She’s screeching and laughing. I can’t get mad, I’m too tired to be mad. Plus those are the cutest noises to be woken up to.

I am up for the day. There’s no more sleeping (somewhat) for me today. Unless I am caught dozing off by Thomas. If that occurs I hear, “MOMMA!!!!!!! GET UP!!!!!!” ugh. Do I have to?!?

Like the saying goes, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” in that case, I’ll be in Heaven.

SO Since I am up, I might as well post my special offer of the day!! 🙂

In honor of National Ice Cream Month coming to an end, anyone who orders over $25 will have a choice (ships separately) between three items which are my FAVORITES!Image

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