Tomboy Tendencies

Growing up I was never what you would call very “lady like”. I was in fact just the opposite. I climbed trees, I cut up worms (because once I heard if you cut a worm into 100 pieces it would still be alive. Gross, I know.) I use to get into trouble for saying “bad words” on the playground, I played football and soccer with the boys. I even at one point wore my brother’s clothes to school- I hated wearing dresses. I am not sure if my Dad was cool with the fact that his daughter wasn’t a diva or if he was mortified that she dressed like a dude. Either way, I was a Tomboy. I liked boys, I have always loved boys. I had crushes on boys and I even kissed a boy in 6th grade for the first time!

It wasn’t until 8th grade where I started dressing more like a girl and putting on makeup. I felt beautiful in 8th grade. Not sure what happened whether it was hormones (boobs) or whatever? I just felt so pretty! I remember putting on my aunt’s make up for 8th grade orientation day. I have a picture actually. (Will post later.)

As the years went by, I had boyfriends and I even dressed more like a lady. Sometimes I might have dressed more like a hoochie mama, but hopefully those pictures do not exist. If you by chance come across any, I swear I was just trying to be accepted!

I am now married to my best friend. The only other guy, besides my dad and brothers, that I have trusted for the last 13 years. We have 3 kids, under the age of 3-yeah it is possible! I am a part-time massage therapist and a full time independent presenter for Younique products, which you can find out about here: . I am proud to say that I still dress like a lady, but I do like to play in the dirt still. Except, I have retired from cutting up worms and I haven’t climbed a tree in a couple of years, but the one in my backyard is calling my name!

Until next time….


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